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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Quick think: “Are you talking to ME?” R.E.S.P.E.C.T in the work place.

I’ll be honest….I’m not having the best of weeks at work andit’s only Tuesday!  Something which happened to me yesterday had me questioning the respect (or lack of respect) we have towards our colleagues.   Is it a case of respect should be dependent upon your job title?  For example, if I were the CEO of my company,do I have every right to talk to my employees as if they were mere peasants?  I don’t think so!  Or is it ok for that lady who has been therefor 20 years plus, to swan around the floor like she owns the place?  No, no, no!!

I personally feel respect is born out of the environment you work within.  Different companies have different ‘work cultures’, which helps gauge their employees to work in a certain way.  Of course, people are people and you’ll never be able to change their personal attitudes.  If Bob is not a cheery and welcoming person in the outside world, I doubt his disposition is going to change within stressful, working environment.  However,I do believe that companies have a responsibility to nurture working environments and that includes the people within it.  No company wants to have a reputation of having demoralised staff with high turnovers. They want to be roaming with the big shooters, sitting pretty in those ‘top100 companies’ lists and boasting about high performance levels within.

Is money a factor? Yes!  I believe that the more a company invests in their employees, the more they will get out of them.  Employees would be happy to work, morale is high,they bring in the best result and bosses are happy.  Thus, the circle of working life keeps turning.  Yes, there will always be that one person with the bad attitude but when the majority of people are happy within their working environment, watch how people will hold each other with high regard.

Money talks…and in big businesses this is evident.  Money buys their employees happiness.


  1. I am so glad someone else understands me! I've had a similar problem at work before and also ask myself the same questions. Respect really does make your job more enjoyable!

  2. I agree with you 100% but I also think that people generally "don't quit companies, they quit people". You could work for a company that pay very well and offers a lot of perks but if your boss is a jerk and your fellow employees are mean, you will most likely take your talents elsewhere. Having respect for everyone is extremely important. There are companies where the CEO and the lower echelon workers can sit and chat together. Then there are companies that have separate break rooms for executives and secretaries. If people are stressed at work, they will be stressed at home. I think this was a great topic Dawn.

  3. why do i feel like i have read this before. I agree with this post 100%. Money is power