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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Quick think: “Are you talking to ME?” R.E.S.P.E.C.T in the work place.

I’ll be honest….I’m not having the best of weeks at work andit’s only Tuesday!  Something which happened to me yesterday had me questioning the respect (or lack of respect) we have towards our colleagues.   Is it a case of respect should be dependent upon your job title?  For example, if I were the CEO of my company,do I have every right to talk to my employees as if they were mere peasants?  I don’t think so!  Or is it ok for that lady who has been therefor 20 years plus, to swan around the floor like she owns the place?  No, no, no!!

I personally feel respect is born out of the environment you work within.  Different companies have different ‘work cultures’, which helps gauge their employees to work in a certain way.  Of course, people are people and you’ll never be able to change their personal attitudes.  If Bob is not a cheery and welcoming person in the outside world, I doubt his disposition is going to change within stressful, working environment.  However,I do believe that companies have a responsibility to nurture working environments and that includes the people within it.  No company wants to have a reputation of having demoralised staff with high turnovers. They want to be roaming with the big shooters, sitting pretty in those ‘top100 companies’ lists and boasting about high performance levels within.

Is money a factor? Yes!  I believe that the more a company invests in their employees, the more they will get out of them.  Employees would be happy to work, morale is high,they bring in the best result and bosses are happy.  Thus, the circle of working life keeps turning.  Yes, there will always be that one person with the bad attitude but when the majority of people are happy within their working environment, watch how people will hold each other with high regard.

Money talks…and in big businesses this is evident.  Money buys their employees happiness.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday Morning Blues

Today I just wanted to feel super girly.  Having had a puffed up face all of last week, I was finally starting to feel half human again.  So I threw on the most girly dress I own and rocked it.

Dress: House of Fraser / Belt: Primark / Heels: New Look

I just love the navy blue colour and also, the fact that it has this beautiful pattern on the material:

There is something elegant and enriching about this dress.  The shape stands proud on its own and to give it more definition, I always team it up with a waist belt.

My face was kept simple today.  I used the 2True lipgloss in colour 9 (as found in Superdrug) and on top of that, I placed the ELF lipstick pen in colour coral.

And as always, I used a simple, black eyeliner and the brown colour from an H&M pallet - nothing special at all.

To finish, I wore this cross.  I bought it through the Pinky Promise website.  My reasons for wearing it, is to draw strength upon throughout the day.  Our lives are tested each day and for me, it's a reminder that everything will be ok.

Hope you all have a great week.

Dawn x

Lunchtime thought - Why I work out

Since flashing (not intentionally) my stomach in a recent outfit of the day, I received a lot of comments and questions in relation to my workout regime. I will be doing an updated fitness video, so you are welcome to take hints and tips from that once it's uploaded. of my followers asked me why I worked out. "To stay in shape" I told her. But after thinking about it, my reasons were so much more than that.

My main workout is Zumba. I love dancing about and I always WANT to do it, rather than feeling it's a chore to put on my clothes and participate. I started working out well over a year ago and my main reason at the time was to tone up, so I felt (and looked) a bit better. With Zumba, I noticed the results quickly and was extremely happy. However, what I also noticed was that I wasn't as susceptible to illnesses anymore. I used to find that I would pick up a cold and be wiped out for a week. Now, I may feel rough for a day or two, but that's about it (with the exception of my recent viral infection- that was a nasty bug which went round work).

I think it's also important for ladies to keep themselves in shape for their man. Sometimes when you get comfortable in a relationship, you can start to slip when it comes to appearance. It's easily done and very often, you don't even notice it. So often you'd hear a lady saying that she wants her man looking right 'n' tight but then you'd look at her and need to sort yourself out first love, before letting your expectations run wild!

So for all those reasons above and of course, wanting to prolong my life, I work out! And I feel so much better for it! If you don't work out, try something that may interest you. Get the old heart ticking ;).

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sizzlin' Sunday

England has been hit with a crazy heat wave this weekend.  It's currently 84*F and I'm NOT complaining!  I can't think of anything more satisfying than being able to just chill out, with the sun beating down on me.......drink in one hand and a snack in the next....bliss!

Being Sunday, I opted for an uber casual look.  Heavy clothes are not an option in this weather:

          Boob Tube: H&M (current stock) / Shorts:Matalan /Wedges: Primark / Necklace: Aurora B

Oh...these are the wedges I mentioned in my 'Ebay Queen' post.  I absolutely love them and really wished I had purchased the black pair too.  Oh well!

My face:

With our heat, comes mugginess and it's horrible, sticky and unpleasant!  I therefore cannot wear heavy foundation, as I start to resemble melted chocolate!  What I have gone for today is Mac's tinted moisturiser and set it with Mac's Skinfinish natural.  It gives you the look of makeup, without your face feeling like you've caked it on. 

My eyes have been done using a brown pallet from H&M and lashes with Rimmel's Lash Accelerator mascara.

As you can see, I'm still rocking my fro fro.  Absolutely love the look it gives me.  To see my full review, click here.

Enjoy the sun while it still lasts!!  Don't think we'll be seeing it for the bank holiday next weekend :(

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Smooth Skin... With Help From Superdrug

Superdrug is the only place I shop at when it comes to beauty products.  I simply love their Tea Tree range and normally, you can buy them on a 3 for 2 offer. 

I start my routine by using the facial scrub.  I then follow up by washing my face with the facial wash.  My problem area at the moment is my nose, so I have bought the cleansing pads and strips to help combat any blemishes.

I also use the Tea Tree facial toner, just to finish everything off. 

Ebay Queen

If you know me, you'd know that I LOVE Ebay!  Why?  Because it allows me to find bargains that are unique and best of all, kind to the old pockets.

I started Ebaying in 2004, while I was still at Uni and money was an issue (as with all students).  Not only was I buying, but selling too.  Thankfully, those days are behind me but I do like to have a little Ebay splurge now and again.

If you are familiar with my YouTube channel, I have purchased quite a bit from Ebay recently, due to the fact that I have an impending holiday.  I want to share with you a few pieces I have recently bought and all of which I shall be throwing together an OOTD to show you the full effect:

The Statement Belt  

I am in LOVE with this belt!!!!  Being able to cinch in your waist, just gives an outfit a whole other dimension.  Being able to cinch in your waist with THIS belt is just.....ohhhh!  You can purchase it here.  It comes in either the wide or thin.  I purchased the wide.  Can't wait to put it with an outfit!

The Multi Buckle Shoe/Boot 

I'm a complete sucker for these!  A few years ago, I bought a tan pair from Primark and to this day, they are still going strong.  I stupidly didn't buy the black version, until I found these on Ebay!!  They are only £10, so you really can't go wrong.  I shall be teaming these up with a pair of shorts I recently purchased from  You can buy these shoe/boots from here.

The Bodycon Dress

I have just 'discovered' mustard is the colour for me!  And pair this with a bodycon dress and it's a match made in heaven.  Yes, these are all over the high street, but not for £3.85!!  Yes, you are seeing that price correctly!  Buy yours here.

The Peplum Top  

A lot of people are still asking me about this top.  Here is the exact link to the one I bought.  They are unbelievably classy and sophisticated.  I love dressing mine up and using the Moschino belt to finish it off.

And A Blog You Shall Have!

I'm not a writer...I tend to leave the world of writing as soon as 5pm comes at work.  However, my YouTube subbies, companies and people who have come across me, keep asking whether I have a blog.  I kept thinking to myself...what with Youtube, a Facebook page AND Twitter, how am I going to have time to write on a blog?!  Well damn it!  I'll make time!  And what with me camera snapping away every 5 seconds, it makes sense for me to document my pictures somewhere.

Hope you enjoy and of course, I will link YouTube videos on here also.

Dawn x