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Monday, 30 June 2014

Dr Stuart's Slim Plus Tea

If you follow my YouTube channel, you would know that I am a bit of a fitness bunny.  Staying in shape really does something to the mind, body and soul; my own personal results have been amazing.

I have previously talked about snacking and what types of food are beneficial to aid hunger pangs.  However,  I recently came across this Slim Plus Tea by Dr Stuart, which helps to suppress your appetite.  What I love about this tea, is that it's herbal and therefore, you are not pumping your body full of caffeine.  I must admit, when I took my first ever sip, I wasn't keen on the taste, but now, I love it.

I can defiantly say it had helped to suppress my appetite and I can now go from breakfast to lunch without snacking on anything.  When I took this photo, I was amazed to see my thighs looking slimmer - hurray!

It is available on amazon, but I have bought it cheaper from Holland and Barrett (£2.19 for a box of 15 bags).

Will you be giving Slim Plus a try? 

Dawn xx

Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Crop Top

Frilly Tube Top - ZARA (sold out in black) | Purple maxi skirt - Ebay

Summer is here and I've fallen in love with crop tops.  Here is one of my favourite outfits from my recent trip to Italy.  If you're not comfortable wearing just the crop top, you could pair it up with a sheer, open shirt, or wear with a blazer.  
Will you be rocking crop tops this summer?
Dawn xx

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Girls' trip to Florence, Italy

"Dawn…you can only pack a small suitcase.."

I've just returned home after a long weekend break to Italy.  My friend and I had been talking about going away for so long, so we just decided to book the holiday one week and then literally go the next.

We decided to pick a country that neither one of us had been to before and feeling cultural, Florence seemed to be the best bet.

We stayed in a beautiful, boutique hotel, in a small town called Signa, which is about 12 mins away (by train) from the main city of Florence (Firenze).  The first picture, was the view from our balcony; absolutely stunning views of a mountainous Signa.  We had our own room each, ensuite bathroom and a MASSIVE balcony each.  I could not have asked for better.

The train from Signa to Firenze cost €5.00 return, which was fantastic because there is nothing worse than going on holiday and you find that travelling around is expensive.

Firenze is everything you would expect it to be; cultural, artistic and beautiful.  We went to see the famous statue of David, which by the way, is breathtaking!  And also the Duomo, to name but a few.  Many places are free to enter and for the rest, very inexpensive.  Now, to my favourite subject…FOOD!!  Pre trip, I had read that the Florentine steak was a must have once in the city and I wasn't disappointed!  It was literally as though they had put a cow on my place and surrounded it with potatoes and vegetables; I was in heaven.  Meals were always ended with a shot on Limoncello, which is typical in Italy, as it's aided to help digestion.  Meals again were inexpensive and the portions were huge.

My heels were not welcomed in Firenze lol!  The streets were cobbaly and in any event, it would not have been sensible to wear such, since we were exploring.  It's easy to get lost down the narrow streets of which are adored with mini restaurant and street traders.  The bridge of gold was certainly something…I was like a magpie!

All in all, we had an amazing time and was so grateful for the city break.  Did I mention it was mega hot!  On our last day, it registered 92*F!  I've posted a lot more pictures on my instagram page, so check them out.  Ciao xx

In Those Jeans

Polka Dot Crop Top - The City Rack online | Black ASOS high waisted jeans, found here.
White Crop top - ASOS, found here. |  High waisted Jeggings -ASOS, found here.

I don't know what it is of late, but I can feel my style evolving yet again.  I have never been one for jeans, mainly because I could never find a pair to properly fit my big behind!  However, ASOS jeans have been sitting pretty on my perky very well; for that, I am grateful.  I just wanted to show you the two pairs I purchased recently and just to let you know, the acid wash one is currently on sale ;)