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Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday Morning Blues

Today I just wanted to feel super girly.  Having had a puffed up face all of last week, I was finally starting to feel half human again.  So I threw on the most girly dress I own and rocked it.

Dress: House of Fraser / Belt: Primark / Heels: New Look

I just love the navy blue colour and also, the fact that it has this beautiful pattern on the material:

There is something elegant and enriching about this dress.  The shape stands proud on its own and to give it more definition, I always team it up with a waist belt.

My face was kept simple today.  I used the 2True lipgloss in colour 9 (as found in Superdrug) and on top of that, I placed the ELF lipstick pen in colour coral.

And as always, I used a simple, black eyeliner and the brown colour from an H&M pallet - nothing special at all.

To finish, I wore this cross.  I bought it through the Pinky Promise website.  My reasons for wearing it, is to draw strength upon throughout the day.  Our lives are tested each day and for me, it's a reminder that everything will be ok.

Hope you all have a great week.

Dawn x


  1. Love the dress Dawn :), gorg. outfit :)

  2. Cute heels. How many inches are they?

    1. They are no more than 3 inches. Really cute.