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Monday, 29 September 2014

Never Pay Full Price For Clothes Again!

You may not believe it, but I don't like clothes shopping…in stores that is.  I do not like trying items on (waste of my precious shopping time), crowds can be annoying when you're trying to wrestle an item out of another girl's hand and well, there is always that item you didn't see in store because it was hidden on the back of a rack!  Annoying!  Therefore, I online shop 90% of the time.  I can't think of anything better than browsing at my own convenience and not making hasty decisions.

Like most of you, I like to shop at a number of different online retailers; ASOS,, Zara, River Island, Missguided, to name but a few.  Sometimes I umm and ahhh over an item, for one of two reasons:

  1. I am deeply undecided, so...
  2. I save it for later in case the price drops and then that solidifies the fact that I should now buy the item….

However, only some of my favourite stores have a 'save for later' option (where if you don't want to buy a particular item at that moment, you can save it in basket, where you can purchase it at a later date…if available), which makes it difficult to keep up with what happened to that particular item.  The amount of times where I missed a price drop and then that item sells out, all because there wasn't a notification feature.  Well…this is where Lovesales comes in…..

The main purpose of Lovesales is that you never pay full price again…that's right…music to your ears! But how does this work Dawn?  Let me give you a quick run through:-

1.  We all love a sale, but where do you begin looking for these great prices?  I mean, it takes time to go to each, individual website!  Stress no more!  Lovesales' home page gathers the very best of sale items from all your favourite stores!  And that's items with 25% - 75% off!  What's great is that you can personalise your feed to show your favourite stores.  You can also go to 'latest sales' to find out what is happening at other stores, just so you don't miss out on a bargain opportunity.

2.  As I was saying above, not all websites have a save for later option, which can sometimes be frustrating.  What is GREAT about Lovesales is that you CAN save all your items to their website.  Hurrah!  Simply browse on your favourite online site and when you see an item you like, save it to your 'love sales list'.  Your selected items will be constantly monitored by Lovesales and you will be alerted if there is a price drop, or when the item goes on sale.

3.  For convenience, you can add a Loves Sales button to your browser.  There is no complication to installing this button; all you do it drag it onto your browser to install it.  Then when you want to add a product to your list, click the button on your browser.

Add by Button
The Lovesales pop up will appear as above and all the relevant details in relation to the product and price will be displayed.  You can also set price drop alerts on your items for when it drops by any amount, or by 20%, 30%, 50% or by your own target price.

4.  The above is an example of how your saved items can look within your list.  Therefore, you would only need to go on to check on how your items are doing and whether any have reached your target prices (if you decide to set target prices).  Current prices will be shown under each item for convenience.

Just so you know, is also available via mobile devices, so you can check prices on the go.  I can't tell you how excited I am about this site AND it's 100% free to use!  Bonus!!  It has certainly saved the headache of continuously having to check an array of sites for price drops and sales.  Now my online shopping experience has just got even better!

Check out Lovesales here:

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Happy shopping!  Dawn xx

Monday, 8 September 2014

The IT Bag! - Brenda Macleod

From as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of handbags.  Large or small, I found that they completed my outfit and of course, enabled me to bring half of my bedroom with me when I was out and about.

Brenda Macleod is a Scottish based company, specialising in handmade leather bags.  Each design is sent to Florence, Italy, where the bags are made using traditional methods and without the use of chemicals.  When I opened the box, the smell of leather instantly transported me back to my earlier vacation to Italy.

On the website, you have a choice of either 'classic' styles, or 'vintage' styles and thus, I believe that everyone's taste is covered.  You can never go wrong with THE classic bag, but if you wish to be more daring, the vintage styles work equally well.

The bag I have is the Jane tote in black.  It has the 'Brenda Macleod' embossed on the front and gold hardware which really sets the black leather off.

The bag has a zip top closing, which is always a plus in my eyes.  No sneaky hands will have easy access to what's inside.  Inside the actual bag itself, there are 2 zipped compartments, 4 unzipped compartments and 2 open sections to pack until your heart's content.  There is also a D ring for your purse.

All the compartments are very deep, so I've felt extremely comfortable knowing that my items are safe and can't easily move about or even fall out.

The minimum and understated look of the bag is very chic.  It's made with vegetable tanned leather, is fully linned and has space for a laptop.  This is my work bag.  What I also love, is that it comes with a shoulder strap for the days where I may need extra support because I have 'overpacked'.

I've looked at the bag in great detail to pick faults, but I honestly can't find any.  Even the stiching has been stitched to perfection; no loose parts, nothing.

What I absolutely love about Brenda Macleod, is that proceeds are used to contribute towards teenage education in Africa.  Giving back certainly gets my vote.

There is currently a 10% off your orders on the website, so do make sure you check it out.

I have also made a YouTube video on this bag, so check it out for full visuals.

Wear your handbag with pride!  Dawn xx

Brenda Macleod:

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