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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Zara...We Meet Again..

When I was at uni and had NO money, I absolutely loved shopping in Zara (how I could afford such back then, I have no idea).  As Zara was a Spanish brand, their pieces were very different and I loved the fact that pieces could often be a talking point.  Then came along places such as Primark and well...I got swept away in the 'cheapness'.  While I would still go into Zara, I didn't find myself really shopping there, as I had got the 'case of the Primark', aka "I can get that cheaper in Primark".

Roll on how many years and a decision to completely revamp my wardrobe and style, I have found myself going back to what I used to know and love best.  Why...hello Again Zara!

Due to being completely snowed under at work, the way that I shop is online.  But recently, I've told myself that I have to find time to live and that includes going into town and having a bit of a wander.  Contrary to popular belief, I hate shopping offline as it were.  But I've come to realise in the past few months that sometimes you cannot appreciate the quality of clothing while sitting behind your computer screen.  So I had been slowly migrating back into Zara over the past 4 months and took a little look last week.  Low and behold I was in clothes heaven!  My style is always 'done up' and Zara is one of those stores which caters to such a look.

Something which I have been on the hunt for, for agesssssss, was the perfect bag for Court.  Something classy but also, very stylish.  I had actually spied this bag during the shopping portion of my meet and greet, but didn't buy it at the time.  But we locked eyes across a clothes filled room and I knew I had to buy it this time:


I also picked up these beautiful heels in the burnt orange colour.  I want to start injecting colour into my wardrobe and this is perfect:

I wore these with black disco pants and a white, peplum top for that ultimate burst of colour.  These heels are so easy and comfortable to walk in.  I will be definitely be doing an outfit of the day with them.

The bag itself has a compartment for everything!  It's amazing for bag organisation and if you'll be like me and carrying files, it's big enough to fit those in too!

All in all I am very pleased with the new additions for my revamp.  Stay tuned for how I style them!


  1. I did have this bag; intended use was for travelling. Have to agree there is so much space its unreal and it is a great bag for Court. But unfortunately I returned as zips kept jamming. But still, it's a great bag :)

  2. Showing your blog some love! Love your purchases and looking forward to seeing how you style them.


  3. great post... love ZARA

  4. Love the shoes!!!

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