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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Short Hair, Don't Care??

Before I started my hair journey, I undertook A LOT of research.  From hair care to routines, to product supplies, I wanted to ensure that I was physically and mentally ready for this new beginning...a new dawn as they would say.  What inspired me the most, was seeing that actually, black women CAN grow their hair long!  I must admit, I'm not adverse to this.  My girl cousins have long hair and only because they look after it.  As a child, my hair was good in terms of health and length but as soon as I look over the reigns to care for my hair, that was it!

If I'm honest, I didn't really pay particular attention to my own hair.  If it was in a weave, it was in a weave!  I didn't like trying to navigate beyond tracks to grease my scalp, so I just left it.  The only attention my hair would get, was 3 (yes, I said 3) months later when I finally decided to take that particular weave style out!  So fast forward to 3ish months ago when I thought enough was enough and I had to look after my hair, before I started to lose it or something.

I remember watching some YouTube videos where women would talk about the frustrations of their hair journey and yup...I'm at that stage.  I am happy to say I am trying with all my might to leave the negativity behind but I feel that I could create cute styles, etc if my hair was just that little bit longer.  However, I have vowed to forget about the length and concentrate on having hair upon my head!  So many people don't!

So, short hair, don't care?  I admit I do a little.  Only because I feel that my face suits longer lengths.  Not everyone has the face for shorter dos.  However, as part of my 'love my short hair journey', I have documented it by taking pictures and sharing it on instagram.  And actually...I don't look half bad :)

My Instagram:- whatdawndidinheels

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  1. The short hair actually does fit your face. Your hair is growing...keep up the good work.