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Sunday, 11 January 2015

3 Day Juice Cleanse

As I stepped on the scales last Friday, I realised that I had made a good decision to start this juice cleanse….I have put on over half a stone (over 7 pounds)…I was mortified!  I wasn't surprised though. As you know from my Youtube fitness videos, I am a fitness bunny.  However, rewind to October 2014 and I was told (for personal reasons) that I was not allowed to exercise for 3 weeks.  After falling out of my workout sync, I was finding it very difficult to get the motivation to workout.  I also think that due to not being in the mindset, I found it easier just to come home and not exercise as much.

I remember being at work in December and thinking that my trousers felt rather tight!  As I've mentioned before, I hardly weigh myself, but I know when my body doesn't look 'right' and it wasn't looking right!

I therefore decided that come the new year, I will undertake a juice cleanse again (I had done one before I went to Italy last year).  The cleanse has come from The Natural Juicing Company.  In preparation, I made sure that I was back to my normal workout routine (and boy!  Does it feel GOOD TO BE BACK!) and also made sure I was putting in good things into my body.  What with Christmas, I'm sure that we can all say we overdid it with the food and alcohol.

I'm currently on the last day of the cleanse.  Yesterday was awful!  I wasn't hungry, but I wanted food! I wanted to chew and I wanted to taste.  A word of warning; day 2 is ALWAYS hard.  Day 1 = enthusiasm; Day 2 = No one with food should come near you; Day 3 = energised and you can see a difference.

I'll be making a video this week about my cleanse, so make sure you look out for it.  It will have full details on The Natural Juicing Company and my results.

Dawn x

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