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Saturday, 2 August 2014

I'll Take A New Yorker! Bubbledogs

My friend had text me about a place called Bubbledogs, where the whole concept of the restaurant was  champagne and hot dogs!  Being a foodie, I needed no convincing in checking the place out, so last Saturday we went there for lunch.

Bubbledogs is easy to find, as it's situated literally round the corner from Goodge Street tube station in London.  We arrived there and was seated straight away at a sharing table, where two guys were happily munching away on their super hot dogs.  The decor inside is what I would describe as rustic-cute; rustic because it's as if you have just walked into an American style Saloon/diner and cute because the place is quite small.

The menus are on clip boards and contains an array of champagne.  Whether you want a glass, or a bottle, there is something to suit everyone.  Of course, there are soft drinks and these consist of mainly American favourites, such as root beer and cherry cola.  I opted for a glass of champers AND a cherry cola (*covers face*).  Next were the dogs…

I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonably priced the food was, especially being in London.  The cheapest dog was £6.00 and the most expensive was £8.00.  You've also got the option of choosing a beef, pork or vegetarian dog, which means everyone is catered for.  I was glad to see that not only did they have 'classic' hot dogs such as the 'New Yorker', but more adventurous types such as the 'Mac Daddy', which consists of macaroni & cheese, crispy onions and bacon bites.  We were told by our waitress that this is a one of the popular hot dogs.  However, I chose to have the 'New Yorker', which came with caramelised onions (I am a classic type of gal).  For my sides, I chose sweet potato fries.  Again, the sides range from £1 to £ as chips!

The hot dog was heavenly; it melted in my mouth.  I honestly could have eaten another one (like one of the guys did who was sat beside us) but as I was comfortably full, I decided not to be greedy.

The service was great, speedy and friendly.  The atmosphere was balanced too; not too loud that you couldn't have a conversation.  Would I go back?  Yes!  I think it's a great place if you need a quick lunch with an exciting concept.

Dawn xx

70 Charlotte St

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  1. This place sounds so nice, I will try to visit it when I'm next in London x